Genomic testing—making cancer care personal and precise.

Genomic testing can be a complicated practice, but in the end it simplifies cancer care by guiding effective, patient-specific treatments that may lead to better care and lower costs. KEW helps simplify the process with easy to understand reports, which make personalized medicine a reality for any oncologist and helps improve cancer care for many patients.

Benefits of genomic testing

Patient-specific treatment

You can determine the optimal treatment based on the genetic and genomic drivers of your patient’s cancer.

Data-informed decisions maximize the opportunity for treatment success.

Improved care

You can eliminate time-consuming detours down unsuccessful, possibly unnecessarily harmful treatment paths.

Your patients can start on an appropriate targeted therapy earlier, minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Reduced cost

Without the guidance of genomic testing, physicians and patients often have to try multiple treatments before finding the right one, adding up costs along the way.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimated that the direct medical costs for cancer, including all health care expenditures, was $87.5 billion in 2012 alone.1


¹ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Total Expenses and Percent Distribution for Selected Conditions by Type of Service: United States, 2012. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Household Component Data. Generated interactively. (May 02, 2016)