Partner with KEW and help oncologists make evidence-driven personalized treatment decisions for cancer patients

Join us in our mission to revolutionize cancer care by empowering oncologists to access and apply the latest genomic insights to design an optimal, individualized treatment approach for each patient.

We are actively seeking a number of partners and collaborators from leading academic centers and commercial organizations that share our passion for making personalized medicine more accessible and delivering the promise of precision medicine for all.

Currently, we are conducting studies with academic cancer research centers to support oncology drug and targeted therapy trials. In addition, we are also collaborating with diagnostic laboratories and cancer care networks to expand services for patients.

We welcome your collaborative inquiries.

Our partners and distributors

Cancer Hope provides CANCERPLEX® testing for Israel.Cancer Hope is a personalized Oncology Center that represents and provides advanced diagnostics for personalized cancer care. Cancer Hope collaborates with worldwide leaders in cancer diagnostics and medical solutions in order to promote personalized oncology treatment as a standard of care. As part of our vision, we strive to bring together oncology specialists with cutting-edge diagnostics in order to provide patients with the best cancer care.For more information, visit



genomicexpression-2 Genomic Expression provides CANCERPLEX testing for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

For more information, visit



mytomorrows-2 myTomorrows provides services to patients and physicians in need of drugs in development and diagnostic tests. Through its internet-based platform, myTomorrows provides uniform public information about early access programs, clinical trials and diagnostic tests to enhance data-driven decision-making and enable rational pharmacotherapy. myTomorrows also facilitates requests for diagnostic tests and drugs in clinical development.myTomorrows provides CANCERPLEX testing for France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey via their dedicated diagnostics platform, Diagnose my Disease.

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nfcr-final-logo The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a convener and one of the early funders of the clinical application of genetic testing technology, including Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS), to guide personalized treatment for patients. With today’s internet speed of access, NFCR is taking fast actions to promote collaboration and information-sharing. NFCR is dedicated to supporting “high risk/high reward” cancer research and public education relating to prevention, early diagnosis, better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for cancer.

NFCR and KEW are jointly working to increase awareness among cancer patients and oncologists about the clinical advantages of genetic testing with KEW’s CANCERPLEX suite of products.

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