CANCERPLEX® is a large-gene panel consisting of >400 cancer-associated genes for the detection of genetic abnormalities underlying cancer with 95->99% sensitivity and specificity at low allelic fractions, determinations of Microsatellite Instability (MSI-H) and Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB-H) status to identify patients who are most likely to respond to immune checkpoint inhibition, and for the presence of HPV/EBV viral integration which may impact treatment decisions. All data generated from sequencing at the local laboratory are processed through our high-quality, high-performance analytics platform, which combines state-of-the-art, industry-leading bioinformatics tools for variant detection with GENEKEEPER® , our proprietary software and knowledgebase for variant interpretation. To date, we have profiled thousands of patients with CANCERPLEX and are proud to have reported clinically actionable variants in 93% of these patients1.




FDA-Approved & Investigational Drug Targets


Microsatellite Instability & Tumor Mutation Burden


Therapeutic Targetable Pathways


Drug Resistance Genes





Single Nucleotide Variants



Insertions and Deletions



Copy Number Variation gain (>2.5 fold change)



Copy Number Variation loss (<0.75 fold change)



Structural Variants



Microsatellite Instability



Viral Integration



*10% MAF detection limitation


The report contains a list of potential therapies targeting the genomic changes unique to the patient, including

FDA-approved therapies in patient’s cancer type


Clinical trials enrolling patients with the cancer type


FDA-approved therapies in other cancer types


High success rate

Quality results obtained from as little as 50ng DNA in >94% tissue samples

Fast turnaround time

Only 7-10 business days

Comprehensive molecular profile

  • All types of possible genomic changes (e.g., SNVs, indels, CNVs and fusions)
  • The patient’s likelihood to respond to immunotherapy (i.e., tumor mutational burden and MSI)
  • Cancer-related viruses

Variety of tissue types

◊ Solid tumors   ◊ Pleural effusions   ◊ Fine needle aspirates

Unparalleled clinical actionability

93% of patients matched with targeted  therapies

Dedicated real-time support

  • KEW updates its gene panels and GENEKEEPER database to stay current and actionable
  • KEW provides one-on-one support to oncologists to help make the process go smoothly and to answer any questions they may have about the test results

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  1. Eifert C, Pantazi A , Sun R, Xu J, Cingolani P, Heyer J, Russell M, Lvova M, Ring J, Tse J, Lyle S, Protopopov A.   Clinical application of a cancer genomic profiling assay to guide precision medicine decisions. PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. Vol.14,NO.4

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