About KEW, Inc.

KEW, Inc. is a comprehensive genomic profiling company, dedicated to revolutionizing cancer care by providing therapeutic options based on an individual patient’s tumor genetic profile with CANCERPLEX®, our flagship clinical product for identifying genetic variants and matching them with targeted therapies in solid tumors. KEW was founded by pioneers of the precision medicine industry, including key contributors to the Human Genome and The Cancer Genome Atlas projects.

As increasing evidence puts precision medicine at the forefront in the fight against cancer, we have recognized the growing need for expanded patient access to comprehensive genomic profiling to guide better treatment decisions and quality patient care in local community practice. To address this critical, unmet need, we are now partnering with and enabling molecular labs to expand their precision medicine programs to adopt CANCERPLEX® for optimal cancer care in their local laboratories.


Some expiration dates may not be current. This is usually due to delays by the federal, state or private agency responsible for inspection, application review and issuance of these licenses or certifications. All licenses or certifications remain current while license renewal applications, inspections, and/or other review process are taking place toward the issuance of a new license.

KEW, Inc. laboratory is CLIA-certified in all states except New York, and holds the following accreditations, certificates and licenses:

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