KEW Announces Name Change and Receives College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation


CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (May 26, 2016) – KEW Group Inc. announced today that it changed its name to KEW, Inc. KEW provides comprehensive genomic testing services that enable oncologists to make evidence based personalized treatment decisions for cancer patients. The new name reflects the company’s mission of personalized medicine by embodying the belief that Knowledge Empowers the World to practice Precision Medicine for All. KEW’s CANCERPLEX® test utilizes next-generation sequencing to analyze more than 400 known cancer genes involved in cancer initiation and progression. The resulting information from this tumor mutation analysis is focused on actionable results, and can be used by physicians to supplement other patient-specific information and assist in the determination of treatment plans including targeted therapeutic options.

“Every day, treating cancer gets more complicated, with more hope for patients, and more challenges for oncologists. It’s not more information that’s needed, it’s the right information. Precise, actionable answers. Easy to understand reports with a fast turnaround. That’s what KEW delivers,” said Tuan Ha-Ngoc, Executive Chairman of KEW. “We help oncologists see available treatments and precisely identify the most promising—whether the patient is seen at a world-renowned institution or a small community practice. This is more than just personalized medicine for a few. This is precision medicine for all.”

CAP Accreditation

KEW has received accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP). CAP accreditation is awarded to clinical laboratories meeting the highest standards of excellence in quality laboratory practices. As the leading pathology organization with more than 18,000 board-certified pathologist members worldwide, CAP serves patients, pathologists and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine. CAP advocates accountable, high-quality and cost-effective patient care.

“CAP accreditation signifies that our molecular diagnostic laboratory operates under rigorous quality standards to generate highly accurate and reliable genomic data,” said Stephen Lyle, MD, PhD, Vice President of Clinical Services and Laboratory Director at KEW. “We are pleased to provide our patients with clinical genomic sequencing services that satisfy the exacting requirements of regulatory authorities.”

During the accreditation process, inspectors examine the clinical laboratory’s records and quality control procedures. They assess the staff qualifications, equipment, facilities, safety program and overall management to ensure it meets CAP’s diverse and stringent requirements. CAP accreditation adds to the other certifications of compliance KEW has previously received, including the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA) certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and state laboratory licenses.

About KEW, Inc.

KEW, Inc. provides comprehensive genomic testing services that enable oncologists to make evidence-driven personalized treatment decisions for cancer patients. Based out of Cambridge, MA, KEW was founded by pioneers of the precision medicine industry, including key contributors to the Human Genome and The Cancer Genome Atlas projects. The CANCERPLEX® suite of products offers flexible panel sizes, the largest of which sequences 400+ cancer genes in solid tumors that are the most relevant to oncology patient care. Specialized panels offer the option to test based on the site of a patient’s tumor or to limit results to FDA-approved therapies. CANCERPLEX not only makes personalized medicine more accessible, it delivers the promise of precision medicine for all. For more news and information, please visit

KEW, Inc.
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