KEW’s CancerPlex® molecular diagnostic test made available for cancer patients in EU through myTomorrows platform


Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 8, 2015 – KEW Group Inc. (KEW), a privately held oncology services company located in Cambridge, Mass., and myTomorrows, a service provider of diagnostic tests and drugs in development located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, announced today their collaboration to make KEW’s CancerPlex next generation sequencing, or NGS, test available to physicians and their patients in Europe and Turkey through myTomorrows internet platform. This supports KEW Group’s vision to enable oncologists ANYWHERE to practice the best standard of personalized medicine for cancer patients EVERYWHERE via the CancerPlex NGS test, generating molecular information to benefit patients in the future. myTomorrows provides physicians and their patients access to investigational medicines, and molecular diagnostic tests to assist physicians in making data-driven decisions for their patients.

KEW’s CancerPlex assay utilizes next-generation sequencing, or NGS, to analyze more than 400 known cancer genes involved in cancer initiation and progression. The resulting information from this tumor mutation analysis can be used by physicians to supplement other patient-specific information and assist in the determination of treatment options including targeted therapies. “Because each tumor has its own specific genetic and uniqueness, optimal molecular pathology requires broad and deep sequencing for the benefit of the patient,” according to Pierre Lefesvre M.D., Ph.D., Head of Molecular Pathology, Free University Hospital Brussels, Belgium.

The CancerPlex test produces actionable results in more than 95% of cases. The aim is to assist oncologists with identifying targeted therapies for stage III-IV solid tumors or for patients who have had unsuccessful chemotherapies. The CancerPlex assay provides a report that lists actionable results connecting targeted therapies to known mutations, assisting patients and oncologist to select the targeted therapy to which the patient will be most likely to respond. NGS testing has occurred in thousands of patients in clinical practice as well as in clinical trials around the world.

“We are excited to use the services of myTomorrows to fulfill the vison of bringing the best cancer care closer to patients throughout Europe and Turkey via the oncology community,” stated Tuan Ha-Ngoc, Executive Chairman of KEW Group Inc. “myTomorrow’s novel approach to matching patients and cancer therapies via the CancerPlex test is an exciting opportunity for patients, physicians and their families.”

Guido du Pree, Chief Diagnostics Officer of myTomorrows stated, “We are proud to include the CancerPlex test in our offering. This kind of molecular diagnostic is an important service on our platform, next to the early access programmes for medicinal products. Physicians and their patients can access the CancerPlex test via our online platform to enable them to find the most effective therapy. Ultimately our aim is to enhance data-driven decision-making for medical treatments and enable rational pharmacotherapy. By offering the CancerPlex test we are clearly moving in that direction.”

Access to CancerPlex Test
Healthcare professionals and their patients interested in the CancerPlex test can find more information at Ordering this test can also be done via this website.

About CancerPlex® Analysis
CancerPlex® Solid Tumor NGS and Bioinformatics Analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of known actionable cancer genes linked to approved therapies and ongoing clinical trials. By simultaneously sequencing over 400 cancer related genes, generating a sample acceptance rate greater than 99%, and completing a short turn-around time of 7-10 business days from sample receipt, KEW delivers a higher number of actionable results to guide treatment selection than smaller panels of genes. KEW enables more accurate prescription of targeted therapy, resulting in improved outcomes, better care and reduced costs.

About the KEW Group
KEW is revolutionizing cancer care by empowering oncologists to access and apply genomic insights in order to design optimal, individualized treatment approaches for patients. KEW gives oncologists practical, action-oriented solutions by coupling comprehensive patient-specific genomic data together with evidence-based information about approved and emerging therapies to help guide treatment decisions and advance optimal patient care. KEW’s first product, CancerPlex® Solid Tumor NGS and Bioinformatics Analysis, is one of the most comprehensive genetic/genomic tests available for the accurate, thorough, and timely molecular diagnosis of solid tumors. KEW Group Inc. (KEW) is a privately held oncology services company located in Cambridge, MA, USA.

About MyTomorrow’s
myTomorrows provides services to patients and physicians in need of drugs in development and diagnostic tests. Through its Internet-based platform, myTomorrows provides uniform public information about early access programs, clinical trials and diagnostic tests to enhance data-driven decision-making and enable rational pharmacotherapy. myTomorrows also facilitates requests for diagnostic tests and drugs in development. For more information about myTomorrows, please visit the website

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