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CANCERPLEX® is a precision medicine testing service with flexible panel sizes that uses each patient’s genetic drivers to help oncologists choose a personalized, targeted cancer therapy.

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At any given moment, the FDA is in the process of approving a new targeted cancer therapy or new indications for existing targeted therapies. More than 25 new targeted therapies were approved by the FDA last year, making it more complicated to track approved indications by new targeted therapies. Meanwhile, clinical trials continuously add to the already massive mountains of critical scientific data.

KEW keeps track of all of it. And CANCERPLEX applies it to each individual patient.

In typically 3 – 5 pages, the report reveals any therapies relevant to your patient’s cancer while eliminating less effective therapies. To further simplify the process, our pathologists summarize the most important information for the treating physician on the first page.

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A patient’s guide to CANCERPLEX.

CANCERPLEX uses the DNA of your tumor to help your oncologist prescribe a targeted cancer therapy that’s most effective for you and delivers that information to your oncologist in an easy to understand report.

Targeted therapies act differently than broad-based chemotherapy, attacking a specific cancer-causing genetic change. They generally have fewer side effects than chemotherapy and tend to have success fighting cancer when other treatments have failed.

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